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At a Glance

Übersicht lets you run system commands and display their output on your desktop in little containers, called widgets. Widgets are written using HTML5, which means they

The following screenshots give you a glimpse of Übersicht in action:

Rolling your own

Widgets are written in CoffeeScript or plain JavaScript. A minimal widget, written in CoffeeScript looks like this:

  command: "echo Hello World!"

  refreshFrequency: 5000 # ms

  render: (output) ->

  style: """
    left: 20px
    top: 20px
    color: #fff

What's Next

Please visit the GitHub page for the full documentation or to report an issue.

For the latest news follow me on twitter and check out my blog. Of course, always feel free to drop a comment below!

There is also a new forum run by a third party, where people can discuss anything Übersicht related!

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