Übersicht Widgets

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Widgets can run arbitrary code on your machine! While they are usually community reviewed and tested, there is no guaranty that a widget doesn't contain malicious code; be it intentional or by accident. A widget's source code is completely open for you to inspect and you are encouraged to do so!

By downloading a widget here, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Your use of Übersicht and the widgets provided here is at your sole risk. All widgets are provided on an "as is" basis. Neither the widget author, nor maintainer of this site can be held responsible for any damages.

Widgets are installed by placing them in your widgets folder.

1. Locate the downloaded widget.

After pressing download the widget will usually be placed in your Downloads folder. Look for a zip file ending in .widget. Unzip the file, resulting in a folder with the same name. Note that some browsers will automatically unzip the file for you.

2. Open your widgets folder.

Select 'Open Widgets Folder' from the Übersicht menu in the top menu bar.

3. Move the widget to your widgets folder.

Drag the widget from your Downloads folder to the widgets folder you opened in step 2.

Ok, got it!